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Student Engagement: Using Social Media to Reach Beyond the Classroom

CoB Teaching and Learning Initiative Presentation from August 26, 2011

Description: In this presentation, Andrew Wright, Assistant Professor of CIS, will discuss how faculty are using social media to enhance student engagement with material in and out of the classroom. From blogs and wikis to Facebook and Twitter, these tools can help reach students where they already spend time online. The presentation will focus on how these tools may be used to engage students in learning and dialogue with an awareness of some of the challenges these technologies present. Participants will share their own experiences with these tools and discuss which techniques might work for their teaching and learning objectives.

Objectives: Participants will

  • discuss different types of social media tools that can be used to engage students in learning and dialogue,
  • apply these ideas to their teaching context and practice,
  • and examine the advantages and challenges these technologies present.

Presentation File:

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